General Business Description

The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare will offer a home away from home for your cherished pets while you are at work or traveling.

The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare’s mission is to provide a safe and stimulating environment, while maintaining the upmost love and respect for your pets.

The goal is to offer services that the current doggie daycares do not, allowing The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare to grow and be successful. The objective is to offer training, grooming and most of all fun to pets. Customer service is important, because repeat customs will not only bring back their business but will also refer people. When someone is satisfied with the service you provide, they may tell one or two people, but if they have had a bad experience, they will tell all.

It is important to keep the pets that are under The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare’s care, safe, happy and healthy. Owner satisfaction is the goal, because a happy owner will bring back their happy pet!

A doggie daycare is a pet sitting business with a unique twist; it is a business that is so hot right now. Here are just a few statistics:

• Pet businesses are the fastest growing home-based business.
• 40 million US households own at least one dog.
• Americans spend $34 billion on their pets each year.
• 47% of all US households own more than one pet.

With the market booming The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare will be established in an area that does not currently have a doggie daycare.

It will be an LLC because this offers the most protection and is better for tax purposes. It will offer a corporation-style limited liability with partnership-style flexibility. Because of the flexible management structure, The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare can be shaped to meet business needs.