The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare is an all in one experience.  Our mission is to provide a safe and stimulating environment while maintaining the utmost love and respect for your pets. In fact, all staff members have been trained by the Red Cross in animal first aid.

It is your home away from home for your cherished pets while you are at work or traveling. You can drop your beloved pet off for the day and have him trained, exercised, socialized, groomed and bathed. In addition, The Dog Gone Inn Doggie Daycare offers overnight boarding for when you go away and want a safe place to leave your pets.

Keeping safety in mind, the lobby is double door to prevent escapes. We feature “mini” lockers for your dogs’ leash. Your dog can be viewed by the staff at all times. The dogs have three separate climate controlled areas featuring bacon flavored bubble blowing machines. One for small dogs, one for large dogs, and one for calm dogs. In all areas there are couches, plush chairs, toys, TVs playing dog related shows and plenty of water. All three rooms are connected to outside securely fenced in areas with climbing equipment, houses, tunnels, slides and more! In the summer there are pools to cool off in. This will allow your dog to be safe and free outside at any time.

Also, we are the only doggie daycare in the area to offer webcams! Now no matter where you are, you can check in on you pet! Further, we have longer and better hours. I do not feel that you should have to leave work in a rush or cut a vacation short to pick your dog up.  Feel free to stop in anytime!